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Like the idea of evil bards, but would rather play in something other than 4e? Arcane Cultures: the Valok takes the Valok chapter from Arcane Flavor and tweaks it to fit in any gaming system. Drop the ringing peaks right into your setting, or play a character who grew up in a culture similar to the Valok.

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What can Arcane Cultures: the Valok do for me?
If you're a DM, it gives you a unique culture to drop into your campaign. The Valok live in the ringing peaks, a harsh mountain range that can go anywhere your map needs mountains. Their interesting views on magic and the elements make them very different from most mountain cultures, and your PCs won't know what to expect when dealing with them.

If you're a player, you get grist for a really awesome backstory that no one else at the table can match. There are even suggestions for Valok-themed powers, abilities, talents or what have you that your character can take. Want a bard with a bad attitude, and a reason for having it? Play a Valok.