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Here are the products that are currently available or in production, organized by category. You can also find our products at RPGNow.

Generator Packs

What's better than a site full of generators? A program with generators that saves your recent history, and lets you edit, save, and print the results you like best. Each generator pack contains a mix of popular generators from Chaotic Shiny and exclusive, brand new generators.

    Character Builder
Do you write stories or run games? Do these stories or games have characters in them? Is it sometimes difficult to come up with absolutely everything about these characters?

You are either lying about the answers to some of those questions, or you could benefit from the Character Builder. Generates character names, motivations, appearances, families, opinions, and more. It has the Opinion, Motive and Simple Character gens from Chaotic Shiny in new and improved forms, plus a ton of original stuff.

As if all that's not enough, there's also a graphical tattoo generator for the more colorful characters in your cast.

    Magic Pack
Magic! It's mysterious, it's exciting, and sometimes all you can think of is the same old "double, double, toil and trouble" that's in a thousand other settings.

The Magic Pack contains the Magic, Ritual, Magical Component and Portal generators from Chaotic Shiny, as well as a graphic rune generator, a magical association generator, and an elaborate ritual generator, for those times when you have to know exactly how many dark-robed figures need to huddle around the sacred tree.

Whether you're writing a fantasy setting that you want to be a little different from the standard, need a list of exotic ingredients for the party to fetch, or just need some dramatic setting backdrops for the Big Bad to monologue in front of, the Magic Pack is here to help.

    Writer Tools
Writing is hard. You run out if inspiration, get stuck in ruts, or just plain aren't motivated. Here to help you out of those ruts and give you inspiration when you need it is the Writer Tools Generator Pack.

Writer Tools contains the Story Arc, Writing Exercise, and Poem generators from Chaotic Shiny, and a version of the NaNoWriMo Motivator. Not to mention a bunch of brand-new generators including a very unique graphic character generator.

Use it for inspiration, motivation, to break out of ruts, or just for fun. No matter what kind of writing you do, Writer Tools has something to help.

    Kingdom Builder
The party heads in an unexpected direction and you don't know what's out there? Writing a piece of fiction that requires a lot of diverse countries and stumped on inspiration? The Kingdom Builder is here for you.

The Kingdom Builder contains Motto, Flag, Region and Currency generators from Chaotic Shiny, as well as several brand-new generators and a graphical map generator.

You can generate complete kingdoms all at once, including the ruler, motto, flag, currency, and a description of the capitol city. Or you can create each aspect separately, generating dozens of mottos or flags or cities at once and picking the ones that fit your kingdom.

    Treasure Hoard
Loot. You want it. You love it. You curse in frustration trying to come up with something more exciting than "100 gold pieces and a +1 flaming sword." The Treasure Hoard is here to save you!

The Treasure Hoard contains Charm, Gemstone, Magical Artifact, Art Object, Potion, and Treasure Trove generators from Chaotic Shiny in new and improved forms, as well as a brand-new generator and a graphical coin generator.

Generates tons of system-neutral loot, plus some inspiration for D&D-specific stuff, and a "treasure parcel generator" that follows D&D 4e's gp value guidelines.

    Kingdom Builder II
You've got a great kingdom, full of cities and culture, but what's happening there? More important, what that your players will care about? The Kingdom Builder II fleshes out your kingdoms with laws, armies and fashions, plus people and events that make for great hooks. Uncover a conspiracy, fight an escaped monster from a traveling show, or just gripe about the sudden spike in ale prices.

The Kingdom Builder II contains Law, Fashion, Army, and Place Name generators from Chaotic Shiny in new and improved forms, as well as the brand-new Events, Conspirator and Kingdom & Hooks generators and a graphical flag generator.

You can generate a complete, colorful kingdom bursting with plot hooks, or create dozens of interesting people, places and events separately.

    City Builder
You've got a great kingdom, full of cities and culture, and ... Uh-oh. Did you just say cities? That means taverns, and markets, and rumors, and names of things, and oh boy. How are you ever going to come up with all that? That's where the City Builder comes in.

The City Builder contains Crowd, Tavern, and Bazaar (Market Map) generators from Chaotic Shiny in new and improved forms, as well as the brand-new Rumor, Feature Namer, Merchant and Complete City generators.

You can generate a complete, interesting cities full of rumors and cool places, or create dozens of names, shops and crowds seperately.

    Puzzle Converter
It's not quite a generator pack, but it's certainly not an ebook. Take sudoku puzzles, magic squares, chess games, or anything else that can be represented by numbers on a grid and turn them into pretty pretty pictures.

Dress up simple number puzzles with shiny stones and glpyhs to baffle your players, or leave mysterious-looking Vedic squares lying around a temple or inscribed into the pillars of the wizards' guildhall.

As an experiment, the Puzzle Converter is pay what you want. Anything over 25c, and it's yours. If all it's worth to you is a quarter, no problem - but if you think it's worth more, let me know by paying more.

Powerful Flavor

The Powerful Flavor series brings you unique cultural backgrounds for characters from each power source. Many martial characters trained at ancient academies and the like, but how many learned to be a fighter in the ancient Legion of their city or honed their ranger skills as part of an elite group of mercenaries? Plenty of arcanists forge dire bargains and study dusty tomes, but how many did so to prevent their city from slipping between this world and the next? Add something extra to your character's background: powerful flavor.

    Martial Flavor
So just where did you come from, anyway? Were you an orphan, sent out in the world on your own when [tragedy] happened to [beloved relative]? Did you learn [ancient fighting style] from [secretive order]? Were you a [menial laborer] who first picked up a blade in order to [grandiose verb phrase]?

Or are you a charming and sly Sijara, wandering the world eternally as all your people have been blessed to do? A wise Ikanoi warrior who triumphed over the arctic wastes before earning the right to call herself a fighter? Or could it be possible that you were once a ruthless, deadly member of the Daikort Pack, sworn to pledge your blade at your comrades' call forever more?

Introducing Martial Flavor: Five unique martially-themed subcultures, with over 50 pages of background and the feats, class features and utility powers to back them up.

    Arcane Flavor
Mysterious, powerful, deadly in the right hands or the wrong ones. Magic can shape destinies. So why not cultures?

Arcane Flavor brings you five unique arcane subcultures. Do you hail from the feyveiled city of Cailleath, or the wilderness of Kraxal? Do you study sorcery to keep your people free of the callers of Valok, or to keep the balance of the world righted?

Learn about the group that makes mages of earth-shaking might tremble in their beds. Find out what happens when bards go bad. Journey with singers and players, killers and outcasts. And see bards, sorcerers, warlocks and wizards through entirely new eyes.

Introducing Arcane Flavor: Five unique arcane-themed subcultures, with over 50 pages of background and the feats, class features and utility powers to back them up.

Martial Cultures

Expanding on four of the five cultures presented in Martial Flavor, the Martial Cultures books bring you 20+ pages of information on each culture, much of it new.

Don't have Martial Flavor? No problem - each one is complete and ready to be dropped into your campaign. Own Martial Flavor? Buy the Martial Cultures books for your favourite cultures to learn more about them.

The fabled City of Arytis has been guarded by her faithful Legionnaires every since the first settlers carved it out of the wilderness. First introduced in Martial Flavor, the City of Arytis is much more than just her Legions.

Want to know more about the city that the Legions guard? Learn about the politics of the city - who's running for what office, how they intend to get there, and who stands in their way. Why do duels happen, and what are the odds on one breaking out in the Council soon?

Check out a map of Arytis, including places of interest. Get a complete list of Legionnaire ranks, their insignia, and descriptions of their duties. Find out what honors a soldier can win, and which ones even civilians are eligible for. And don't forget about the crunch - five new alternate class features for Arytyn adventurers, and the feats to match.

    The Sijara
Can't get enough of everyone's favourite wanderers? The Sijara are more than an ancient myth, a well-turned phrase and love of gaudy jewelry. The free people have their own slang, their own take on every martial class, and even a few little-known magic tricks up their brightly-colored sleeves.

Want to put the Sijara in your game? Get some great Sijaran NPCs, a skill challenge, and more. Curious as to what evil Sijara would be like, or need another good faction for your game? Martial Cultures: The Sijara can help you out there, too.

Get new alternate class features, new feats, Death Flasks as wonderous items, and tons of new fluff about the Sijara.

    The Ikanoi
Want to know more about the people of ice and legend? Learn more about Ikanikon folklore, and the ancestors and snow sprites who populate it. Find your Ikanikon zodiac sign, or find out what happens when a bargain with the snow sprites goes wrong.

The first tribe was more than just this warriors, and Martial Cultures: The Ikanoi has details about the other guiding ancestors on whom adventurers call for guidance, as well as ancestor feats. There are also descriptions of the snow sprites, and a detailed skill challenge that you can drop into your game. Can your players outwit wily Kero, or trick Phanax into giving up his secrets?

There's also more alternate class features, an original Ikanikon folktale, advice for good or evil Ikanoi, and example adventurers that you can easily turn into NPCs.

    The Daikort Pack
Want to know more about the baddest group of mercenaries out there? Learn about the pack's allies and rivals, missions they've gone on in the past, the places where they fight and how they survive them. There's tons of organizations, plot hooks, rumors and background material just waiting to be dropped into your world, whether the pack makes a direct appearance or not.

The Daikort Pack can be a righteous band of heroic warriors, a merciless group of bloody sellswords, or anything in between. They're ruthlessly good, and have that little extra edge that sets them apart from everyone else. Is it training, magic, or a mix of both? No matter the answer, having the Daikort edge on your side - or in your party - can tip the difference in a fight.

There's also more alternate class features, stats for the Daikort's magic armor, exotic terrain to add to your next combat, and tons more cool flavorful fluff.

Arcane Cultures

Chaotic Shiny Productions' first line of systemless products, Arcane Cultures takes the cultures from Arcane Flavor and tweaks them to fit in any setting. Short pdfs with gorgeous illustrations (and printer friendly versions) and descriptions of magically-influenced cultures you can drop right into your game.

    The Valok
Evil bards. Do I really have to say more? Bards are jovial jesters, the butt of everyone's jokes, barely mechanically competent and certainly not personally imposing. But what if all that charisma were turned to a less friendly purpose? What if that power over others, the ability to influence moods with music and magic, was used to enslave rather than entertain?

And just what would happen to the other magic users who grew up in a place with such bards? No more smug sorcerers and bookish wizards; magic is a fight for survival, not a casual pursuit or a happy gift. And what about those with no magic at all? They're, well, they're a little bit different.

Introducing the Valok. Because darkness can fall where you least expect it.

Faerie tales seldom have happily ever afters, no matter what you learned as a child. So what happens to a city caught in a perpetual faerie tale, unable to escape to the mortal world, or to fully become a part of Faerie itself?

Cailleath is the Feyveiled City, a place that shifts constantly between the world and Faerie. Every rock, brick and tree in the city is bursting with magic, but that's as dangerous as it is wondrous. What's it like, to live in a city where casting a spell is as casual as breathing, so long as you don't cast it on the wrong person?

Drop Cailleath into your campaign world if you're a DM, or play a character that hails from there if you're a player. Arcane Cultures: Cailleath is free and systemless. Like what you see? Take a risk and spend some cash on the other books.

Free Products

Want to see what Chaotic Shiny Productions has to offer, and don't think product previews are enough? Here are some totally free products available for download.

    Character Generator
A mini character generator for medieval fantasy characters, complete with character portrait!

    Random Compass
Where's the nearest town? Where is that noise coming from? Which way did the thief run? Which direction is the wind coming from? When the guy manning the catapult critically fumbles, where does the big rock go? All these and more are questions that can be answered by the Random Compass. Here's a screenshot.

People do tarot readings for games, so why not cast some runes? Generates a variety of tradtional three rune spreads, or choose your own meanings for each position. Includes some basic interpretations, for those unfamiliar with the runes. Chaotic Shiny Productions takes no responsibility for any attempts to use this as an actual divination tool, although we would like to comment that it has in fact worked for us. Here's a screenshot.

    Opinion Generator Portable
A portable version of the Opinion Generator, for those times when you need to know how a character feels about something and don't have access to the internet. Want a version with saving, printing, and more? Check out the Character Builder Generator Pack, which has the Opinion Gen and more.

    5 Minute Mini-Games
Need to deal with one player's questions, settling an argument, or a split party, while making sure the rest of the group doesn't resort to dice towers or random destruction? We've all been there, on one side of the screen or the other. That's what 5 Minute Mini-Games is for.

5 Minute Mini-Games contains thirteen games for characters in any d20 system, easily portable to other systems. Challenge each other to a quick game of of Castles and Cornerstones to see who's more intelligent. Spend your downtime in a tavern playing Tall Tales, or show off your toughness with Thrag's Great Idea. There are games based on every stat - some that fighters will dominate, others that rogues will clean up at, and even more that everyone has a chance at winning. Let players entertain each other, or have an NPC challenge the party.

    Pantheon Generator Portable
    What's better than a free online generator? A generator that you can take with you wherever you go, with or without internet. A generator that lets you edit results, save them to a file, or print them directly.

    The Pantheon Generator Portable is a standalone version of the incredibly popular Pantheon Generator at Chaotic Shiny. Create diverse, original pantheons with the click of a button. The generator should work on all versions of Windows and quite a few *nix boxes as well.

    "I hit him for five." [Roll roll roll.] "He hits you for seven." [Roll roll roll.] "I take a swing at him." "You hit." [roll roll] "Three damage." Sound familiar? Everyone has trouble coming up with exciting attack descriptions every round of every combat. The Damager is a die-roller that generates attack descriptions based on your attack type and how much damage you do. Use them as a jumping-off point for your own creative descriptions, or as a way to mail it in on those days when it just doesn't seem worth it.

    The damager can roll any combination of any size dice, with +/- static amounts, and even rerolls for any number lower than a certain point (the "brutal" weapon property). In addition to the damage roller, there's a generic die-roller in case the Damager is the only tool you have on hand. There's also a fun little icon that shows you what percentage of your maximum damage you did. Check out some screenshots.

    Face Generator
    Faces! Sometimes you need them. Maybe you can draw them and need inspiration, or maybe you can't draw them and need a quick portrait. Whatever the reason, if you need a face at the click of a button, the Face Generator is for you.

    10 Region Maps
    Ten maps - all generated by the Kingdom Builder's map gen with only text added - describing five original regions. Each region has a Player Version map and a DM Version map, with descriptions of civilization, dangers, geographic features and points of interest in the area plus blank spaces to fill in your own.

    10 Faction Flags
    Ten flags - all generated by the Kingdom Builder II's flag generator - representing different factions for you to add to your game world. Use them as background detail, have the players run across their members, or let their machinations propel a plotline.

    10 Fantasy Coins
    Ten unique coins - all generated by the Treasure Hoard's coin gen with resizing being the only change made. Trade your gold for Ariac Leonins or a handful of bronze 5-Tov pieces. Find Copper Dragons in ancient treasure hoards, or haggle over how much your Kefish Greenshells are worth. Receive a Golden Frog from the hand of the emperor himself, or sigh in relief at the familiar denominations of Teric. Each coin has a description, value conversions, and a printable page full of front and back images of the coin.

    Paladin Codes
    Do you know any two real life followers of the same god who believe in the exact same things? Yeah, me neither. Here's some tables of paladin codes that go beyond Lawful Stupid, emphasizing aspects of their god's portfolio.

    Zombie Generator Portable
    A standalone version of the Zombie Generator on Chaotic Shiny, and so much more - not just text, but a graphical zombie generator as well. That's right! Generate hordes of ravening undead, and the images to go along with them. The art is by Rachel Yung of Martial Flavor fame. You can check out some screenshots here: Zombies and More Zombies and Even More Zombies

    Terrain Inspiration Generator
    Because you want to kill things and take their stuff somewhere besides an empty 10x10 room. Generates a grid of any size filled with colored areas indicating difficult, impassable, damaging, elevated/lowered or special terrain. Adding the flavor is all up to you - is that square of damaging terrain lava, or a pit trap? That depends on if your party is in a volcano or an ancient tomb. But don't worry - there's examples of all the types of terrain included, in case you have trouble getting inspired. Have some screenshots.

    Problem Mini-Generator
    Similar to the random bonus mini-gens that people who give feedback on paid products get, the Problem Mini-Gen gives you brief plot hooks, adventure seeds, or story arc ideas in the form of a problem that someone is having. Screenshot.

    NaNoWriMo Calendar
    A little customizable calendar app. Tell it how many words you plan to write and your strategy (same amount every day, every day but weekends, reward strategy, etc) and it will tell you how much to write each day. Now updated to work for any month, not just November! Here's a screen shot.
You might also want to check out the NaNo Motivator over on Chaotic Shiny.

    Arcane Cultures: Cailleath
    Because it was just too pretty to keep to myself. Get the second Arcane Cultures book for free!

    Tavern Tables
Tavern Tables is a short ebook full of dice tables for rolling up taverns. A list of 100 adjectives and 100 nouns gives you names like "The Greedy Zombie Tavern" or "The Brassy Wench Inn," and further tables provide for food and drink price and quality, the bartender's disposition, and any interesting patrons that you might find.

There are also tables for brawling and drunken shenanigans - does that PC who had a little too much wake up missing a few silver, with the mayor's daughter, chained to a wall in the dungeon of a fanatical cult, or all of the above? And if that's not enough, there's some example NPCs created with the tables in the book that you can drop right into your game.

Want free copies of Terror Tables and Trader Tables, two short ebooks in the style of Tavern Tables? Get those, plus the Sijara chapter of Martial Flavor and news and updates about products by signing up for the newsletter.